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Before & after the treatment

How do I prepare myself? What do I have to consider for the first days afterwards?

Dr. Peter Lisborg will advise you on how your hairline and the fullness of your hair suits you. Your newly transplanted hair will have a highly natural look as every single hair is individually transplanted. Unlike with older methods of hair transplantation, you will not have any unnatural-looking hairs. Dr. Peter Lisborg will create a precise treatment plan together with you – tailored to your wishes, tailored to your requirements.


Dr. Peter Lisborg will go through all of the stages of your hair transplantation with you, step-by-step. The entire process of your hair transplantation will be discussed in detail to give you a full understanding of how it will help.

How should I prepare myself?

How you should cut your hair in preparation for your ARTAS robotic treatment:


The following information will assist you with the preparations for your procedure and help minimize the minor side-effects of the treatment:


  1. In order to achieve the best possible result, you are required to have a very short haircut on the day of treatment.
  2. The easiest way to prepare for your treatment is to shorten your hair across two or three haircuts (depending on the current length of the hair and the time left until your ARTAS robotic treatment takes place).
  3. Finally, the length of the hair on the back of the head (your donor area) should measure 1 millimeter on the day of the procedure. Some millimeters can also be trimmed off on the day of the treatment in our practice.
  4. After the treatment, the remaining donor area hair will grow back within around one week so that it has the length it had before the treatment.

What do I have to pay attention to in the first days?

Directly after the treatment

Your doctor will give you instructions on how you can find the right sleep position, which activities you can take part in, recommend sun protection for the scalp, discuss medication with you and cover which creams or ointments you might require. Most patients have only minor pains after the hair transplantation.


The day and week after the treatment

You can wash your hair with baby shampoo or other mild shampoos. Make sure that the water spray is not too strong. You must be very gentle with washing your hair. Wash the hair with cold to lukewarm water and be careful that the jet is not at a high pressure. An adjustable shower head is preferable. Alternatively, you could also use a cup to wash the sensitive area.  Carefully lather the hair with a large amount of mild shampoo or baby shampoo. In order not to hurt the sensitive area, it is best to only wash the surrounding hair and in doing so, attempt to cover the transplanted area.


Hair care tips:

  • In the first 3 days do not roughly run your fingertips or fingernails through the transplanted area.
  • From around 4 days after the treatment, you can wash the hair with a light circular motion.
  • Let your hair dry by itself. Do not use a blow dryer, hair straighteners or styling products on the day after the treatment. Carefully combing the hair is allowed on the day after the treatment, but nevertheless, the comb should not disturb the transplants.
  • After 7 days you can shampoo your hair again completely normally, or as directed by your doctor.
  • Follow the directions of your doctor, as to when you can use a hairdryer, hairspray, mousse, gel, chemical hair treatments, perms, hair color, Rogaine und Propecia again. Your doctor can help you with this and also discuss the formation of any scabbing as part of the healing process.

The successful hair transplantation

Video from patient Martin

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