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A younger appearance – the treatment plan


Dr. Peter Lisborg will advise you on how your hairline and the fullness of your hair suits you. Your newly transplanted hair will have a highly natural look as every single hair is individually transplanted. Unlike as often occurred with older methods of hair transplantation, you will not have any unnatural-looking hairs. Dr. Peter Lisborg will create a precise treatment plan together with you – tailored to your wishes, tailored to your requirements.


Dr. Peter Lisborg will go through all of the stages of your hair transplantation with you step-by-step. The entire process of your hair transplantation will be discussed in detail to give you a full understanding of how it will help.

The donor site


The donor site is a very important area for the hair transplantation process. The hair is extracted from this site in order to be transplanted to the balding areas. The hair on the back of the head is not affected by “male pattern baldness” and afterwards grows permanently at the newly-implanted site.


The ARTAS robotic hair transplantation process was developed in a way that leaves the extraction site looking completely natural.


The selection of the best hairs. Extensive digital scans examine the quality of every single hair. Only the best hairs are extracted for transplantation.


Das ARTAS robot-assisted hair transplantation system removes only the bare minimum of necessary hair in order to carry out your treatment plan. The extraction area has only a limited quantity of hair, but nevertheless, this area should also look as good as possible after the removal of donor hair. With the ARTAS robotic hair transplantation, only the necessary amount of hair is removed to meet the goal of the treatment plan. The ARTAS robotic hair transplantation system determines the optimally-required distance between every removed hair, in order to be sure that the donor area on the back of the head maintains its natural appearance.

No scars on the back of the head

No tension on the scalp

Natural appearance

Many Advantages

With the help of the image-steered precision robot, every hair is removed individually. An optimal distance between each hair guarantees natural-looking hair at the donor site. The natural appearance of the hair on the back of the head is maintained. Before is after – and the other way around.


The extraction site heals all by itself. Many patients report only minor pain after the procedure – or none at all.

Quick recovery at the donor site

The hair extraction site

The gentle (minimally invasive) ARTAS robotic hair transplantation enables patients a quick recovery. The patients generally can go about their normal activities again after only a few days.


The area of the hair extraction recovers very quickly, generally after just a few days. Because your hair at the removal site appears completely natural,  you can have your hairstyle,  your look, your hair in any way imaginable. It is your hair – your style.

Quick recovery at the transplantation area

Transplantation area

  1. This is the area in which your hair will be planted anew. The robot removes the hair in the form of grafts (1-4 hairs), which the specialists of the hair transplantation team transplant into the balding area, hair by hair, after processing the removed hair follicles. The treatment is outpatient and usually takes four to eight hours. On the next day is a follow-up in which any further action and the care of the scalp and hair is discussed. The healing phase takes around one week. The final result looks very natural.

Simply look good again – it grows

The natural hair growth. After a few weeks, your new hair begins to grow.  Your newly transplanted hair will, exactly like your other hair, start to grow and keep on growing. After around six months you will notice clearly increasing growth. In the next months your hair will steadily get fuller and fuller, and longer from week to week, as if it was never any other way – IT IS YOUR OWN HAIR that grows and grows!

Your hair. Your style.

… cut your hair


… comb your hair


… style your hair


… wear your own look


Everything is just how it used to be …

… so continue with:


… your favorite shampoo


… your favorite hair care products


… coloring your hair, if you feel like it


Your transplanted hair requires no special care, aside from a short recovery period. Treat your newly implanted hair exactly like the rest of your hair.