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ARTAS — robot-assisted hair transplantation


We take time in order to help you realize your dream of a full, handsome head of hair. A comprehensive consultation enables us to take focused action based on your wishes. The goal is to thicken your hair without the end result looking artificial. This is possible thanks to the modern technology of the ARTAS robot.


To give you the necessary peace of mind, there is also the possibility for you to see your new head of hair in advance thanks to 3D visualization.

The treatment


The ARTAS system scans the back of your head and chooses the healthiest hairs for extraction. This guarantees that the transplanted hair has the longest-possible lifespan. While the percentage of extracted hairs that are unusable as transplants is 30% with traditional extraction methods, this sinks to about 8% with the ARTAS robot. The ARTAS robot is capable of recognizing how the hair grows and can thus calculate a suitable extraction angle. The robot removes the hair in the form of grafts (1-4 hairs). Here, special attention is paid to ensuring that the donor sites are not visible. Following this, the specialists of the hair transplantation team introduce the extracted hair follicles into the bald area, hair by hair.


The procedure is on an outpatient basis and normally takes four to eight hours. A follow-up examination takes place on the next day, during which the next steps, as well as the care of the scalp and hair, is discussed. The recovery period takes around one week. In the following months, your hair becomes fuller and fuller, and, after a year, you will again enjoy a thick and natural-looking head of hair.


After a short recovery period, the transplanted hairs require no special care. That means that you do not have to give anything up.


… cut your hair

… comb your hair

… style your hair

… define your look


The only difference is that your hair is there again …

… carry on with:


… your favorite shampoo

… your favorite care products

… coloring your hair, if you like