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About Us

Why PKLP Aesthetics – Dr. Peter Lisborg & Artas?

Dr. Peter Lisborg has more than 10 years’ experience in the area of hair transplantation and more than 18 years’ experience in aesthetic surgery. In his private practice in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Dr. Lisborg offers the FUE and FUT hair transplantation techniques. After a thorough consultation, we recommend suitable treatment techniques to the patient, who can freely decide which of the suggested techniques should be used in their case.

Dr. Peter Lisborg on hair transplantation

Hair loss (alopecia or baldness) is a problem affecting many people. A thorough discussion of one’s medical history and a careful examination are required to determine the cause of hair loss. Hair transplantation offers most patients a permanent solution to overcome the psychological problems that this illness brings. Capillary Micro-transplantation (CMP) is the technique used to introduce hairs where they are missing.

Hair follicles or “Grafts” (1-4 hairs) are taken from areas where the patient has sufficient hair and introduced in areas with low hair growth. For example, hairs from the back of the head are removed and transplanted to the front in the area of the receding hairline. Hair from behind the ears is also removed for transplants in the areas of eyebrows or eyelashes. An excellently-trained hair transplantation team is required in order to carry out such surgeries. For this reason, every person in this team is a specialist, in order to reach the best possible result with every hair transplantation.

The major steps in hair transplantation:

Extraction of hair from the donor area (normally the back of the head)
The removed hair is prepared as single follicles under a microscope.
The single follicles are transplanted to the treatment area.

Complications are extremely rare, but it does take multiple months until the transplanted hair follicles produce hair growth again. In very rare cases more than one treatment session may be necessary. This procedure is carried out under local anesthetic.

The ARTAS method was developed by Restoration Robotics USA

The ARTAS method was developed by Restoration Robotics USA, together with highly-respected hair-transplantation specialists.

Restoration Robotics, based in California, applied for approval of the ARTAS Robot with the American health authority, the FDA, and in 2011 received regulatory clearance to start carrying out robot-assisted hair transplants.

The ARTAS method: Robot-assisted hair transplantation, 1 week after treatment

PKLP Aesthetics

Dr. Peter Lisborg Feldkirchnerstraße 217A-9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee


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